& reports

We work at a variety of venues: business forums with the participation of top officials of the state, profile exhibitions, conferences, corporate events, festivals, presentations, concerts. We know how to demonstrate the main and the best. Our experience allows us to clearly understand the objectives of each particular case and to comply with certain style of shooting and editing. We will show a business event as respectable and authoritative. We can make competitions look exciting. Restaurant opening will be mouth-watering.


We tell your story: the story of your business or your product. Or maybe the story of your life. We offer complete production cycle: from writing the script to designing titles. We use all the expressive means and up-to- date technologies to develop the theme and solve the task: studio, documentary and action-shooting, game scenes, video shooting from the air, computer graphics, creating scenery, sound design, professional color correction.

and advertising

We shoot commercials, presentations and image ads. In addition to its own production, Eventvision acts as a producer for creative and advertising agencies’ projects. We select creative team and technical solutions for each case. Actor casting, location search, choosing director and cinematographer, creation of scenery, shooting and post-production – all that is required to implement an idea or a script, we take on.

and animation

We create animated, graphic 2D and 3D videos of various levels of complexity. We produce infographics, which make it easier to perceive information. Computer graphics and animation are a must today for any kind of video product. They can serve as an effective "package" or make up 100% of the video.


We conduct online broadcasts in superior quality. We broadcast conferences, concerts, television programs and other events from anywhere in the world to an unlimited audience. We use our own equipment for broadcasting: up to 12 Canon Cinema cameras (C200 and C300), up to 10 Panasonic AG-HPX 500 cameras, Blackmagic live production switchers, camera cranes, camera dolly, stedicams, etc. We can also provide the set with all necessary light and sound equipment.